Off-Site CCTV Monitoring

Volsec Security SA (Pty) Ltd state of the art 24 hour CCTV offsite monitoring control room has the technology to link up and allow clients or trained control room personnel to view and monitor their cameras live anywhere in the country from a fixed or remote location. This next generation technology has become a must have and is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security system.

The days of leaving guards on their own to protect your premises and assets worth millions is no longer a viable option, and offers clients very little choice but to monitor their guards on their own premises live 24/7. Clients who have invested in our CCTV system and off-site monitoring services enjoy the benefits of not only being able to hear and visually see what is going on at their premises, but have experienced improvements and benefits in the following areas:

Direct Benefits

  • Crime Deterrent
  • Staff Productivity
  • Staff Time & Attendance
  • Production Line productivity
  • Asset Protection & Loss Control
  • Reduction in Liability Insurance
  • Reduction in Security Manpower
  • Monitoring of existing security systems & security staff
  • Visual evidence for criminal cases and labour disputes
  • Monitoring of entry and exit times of customers & sub-contractors.
  • Relieves cost burden of excess staffing and in-house monitoring facilities.
  • A guard patrols one area at a time, with interactive monitoring, every camera is a security guard.
  • System can be armed & disarmed remotely.
  • After-hours access controlled remotely.
  • Alarm verification minimises response to false alarms.
  • Incident data logged & stored at the control centre.
  • Collusion factor removed.
  • Access own site via network connectivity.
  • Protection/monitoring of open spaces outside your fences.
  • Detection of intruders before they enter the premises.
  • Protection of highly sensitive areas, day and night, without physically entering these areas.
  • Multiple “eyes and ears” to protect your assets.
  • Detection and intervention before the crime is committed – a truly proactive solution.

We would be delighted to meet with you and go through how we can help you secure your premises, for a confidential discussion on any aspect of security please contact us.

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