We at Volsec Security SA (Pty) Ltd are passionate about ensuring that every resident and employee feels safe and secure in the estate they so carefully chose to lead their life. Hence, we take pride in providing a personalised yet integrated security service at many a residential and golf estates, corporate business parks, resort, lodge, hotel, game farms and schools. Our ability to secure your premises extends beyond the typical guarding service as we go about integrating our service with on-site and off-site alarm monitoring, specialised estate armed reaction, hi-tech security and tracking devices and dedicated investigation support.

Our carefully selected staff are trained in:

  • Estate Rules
  • Access Control
  • Control Room Operation
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Domestic Violence Protection
  • Crime Scene Management

Our service is supported by:

  • Daily Involvement of Management
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Security Risk Assessment Surveys
  • Regular Site Inspections and Visits by our Supervisors and Senior Managers
  • 24-hour Off-Site Monitoring of Alarms and Panic Signals, Electric Fences and CCTV cameras/systems
  • Police Link-up for Emergencies
  • Access Control Measures, including scanning drivers’ licences and vehicle licence disks
  • Live (real-time) Monitoring of our Guards on patrol on site

Hotel Security

Hotels are a very busy place, by that very nature they are also open to potential criminal activity. Hotels are visualised as a place to relax and wind down. A place where guests feel safe and secure whilst socialising. Yet hotels are also places where criminal activity takes place. Hotel managers are no strangers to conflict with guests. This can be in the form of rejected card payments or physical altercations with abusive guests. Volsec Security SA (Pty) Ltd provides bespoke security services to a range of clients and we have a fantastic track record for understanding our clients’ needs. A Hotel Security Officer is often the first person seen by a guest. The first impression should be professional and customer driven. Our security officers will meet and greet your guests in a courteous manner. Our uniform conveys a corporate look so it will seamlessly fit in with your company image. All security officers have undergone conflict management training which will put your guests at ease. We go further than the traditional security approach. We also get involved in Health and Safety issues. We design and implement a health and safety manual which will compliment your on-site procedures. Risk assessments are carried out to highlight any security concerns. We will make sure your premises are as secure as they can possibly be without causing any inconvenience to your guests. Security Awareness is practiced by all our staff and they will make sure all guests adhere to this practice and make your premises a safe environment to stay in.

The benefits of having an on-site security team are:

  • Guests feel relaxed and at ease knowing they are secure
  • A more appealing destination for tourists to stay at Great customer experience due to better staff morale
  • Criminals and troublemakers are deterred from your premises
  • Staff provide a better service to guests in a secure

School Security

When it comes to school security, having security guards on site are often seen as invaluable assets. For one thing, simply having a physical security presence in place at a school or college can prove useful in providing staff and pupils with a reliable first point of contact in case of an emergency. Volsec Security can offer staff, pupils and their parents with the essential peace of mind that they are safe and protected from outside vulnerabilities within their educational establishment. Our highly training security officers are deployed in schools and are available to deal with a wide range of issues that schools’ staff may not be able to handle as effectively alone: from escorting uninvited visitors off the premises and helping to deter substance abuse among pupils to traffic and parking management for functions. Schools and colleges can also be an attractive target for petty thieves looking for unattended equipment held on-site, therefore the impact of having a uniformed security officer as a deterrent against such offenses really cannot be ignored. Volsec Security uniformed officers are also a natural focal point for visitors with enquiries. A security team can be useful in this respect, helping to redirect enquiries away from the busy school reception area. Allowing staff to focus on their responsibilities towards pupils’ learning and safety, while officers take care of supplementary but essential activities associated with the smooth-running of the school.

We would be delighted to meet with you and go through how we can help you secure your premises, for a confidential discussion on any aspect of security please contact us.

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